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Centrifugal fan working principle and performance characteristics?

Time:2011年10月12日    Hits:


The working principle of centrifugal fan and turbine compressor is basically the same, only because the lower gas flow rate, pressure change is not, generally do not consider the specific volume of gas changes, that the gas as incompressible fluid handling.

Centrifugal fan can be made right-and left-of two types. From the motor side of the face, the impeller rotates clockwise rotation as the right fan, counter-clockwise rotation, known as L.

Centrifugal fan applications:

     Centrifugal fans are widely used for industrial mechanical machinery such as plastic, UV equipment, packaging machines, shrink machines, hot air oven, exposure film machine, lamination machine, large printing presses and other machinery for drying, delivery and hot, cooling and other purposes; can also be used in heating equipment, frozen food machinery, general plant, sterile room environment for air-conditioning, heating and cooling cycle, row air, ventilation and other purposes; can be used for kitchen hood ventilation equipment, ventilation equipment room; can also be used inflatable devices, functional very wide variety.

Centrifugal Fan Features:
Centrifugal fan is essentially a variable flow constant pressure device. When the rotational speed, the centrifugal fan pressure - flow curve should be a straight line theory. Due to internal losses, the actual characteristic curve is bent. Centrifugal fan pressure generated by the intake air temperature or density changes in a greater impact. For a given feed rate, the maximum inlet temperature (air density is lowest) pressure generated when the minimum. For a given pressure and flow characteristics, there is a power curve with the flow. When the blower to run at constant speed for a given flow, the required power with the decrease of intake air temperature increases.

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